Red Lipstick: The Conclusion

As I previously wrote, I went on a week-long red lipstick wearin' binge. The results of the experiment? Pretty much what I had hypothesized.

I felt like I was "noticed" more by all genders. I was complimented on my red lips by more female-identified individuals, then male-identified people. My female co-workers noticed right away, and said they liked it. No guys said anything about it to me, but they didn't really need to--I could tell by the way they looked at me, as well as the frequency of this. I felt kind of powerful wearing my red lipstick. I have a small complex about my lips--I think they're "too" small compared with my other features, so wearing the red seemed to bring them more to life, and possibly loosen my negative relationship to them.

Really though, I did this out of boredom, and I do, indeed, love red lipstick.