Reading poetry in public



I am an organizing member of Feminist Creative Alliance, and we are supporting a poetry/spoken word event that Rape Victim Advocates is having for Sexual Assault Awareness month. I was unable to be there last year, but my colleagues assure me it was a great, empowering time.  I'm a little nervous, because I am one of the "performers" who will be reading their poetry at this event. I think the last time I read my poetry aloud to the general public was in college for my poetry writing class. The reading took place at a small bookstore in Madison. Each of us read a couple of poems we had written during the semester. It was a really cathartic experience.

So, one of the reasons this upcoming event that I'm reading at is a tad nerve-wracking, because I don't consider myself a "performer." I don't really "do" spoken word. I'm just going to be reading my poetry. It may be a bit boring to the audience, but oh well. I still haven't figured out which poems I'm reading, yet. For now, my "setlist" is:

Answering the question: "You look ethnic. What ARE you?"

Japanese Beetles

A Loss

Rape Poem

A Sequence

Said the Gynecologist to the Girl

On Drinking

That is all for now. Hopefully, all will go well!