I'm writing a book!

Hello lambies! I'm here to let you know that I am in the process of writing an anthology titled, Olive Grrrls: Italian American Women & The Search For Identity. I've been writing this book off and on for about two years. The anthology will include various women in their twenties/thirties writing on culture/ethnicity, sex/sexuality, body image, and activism from a feminist perspective.

The tentative chapters are titled:

1.  It’s Not Easy Being Green: Culture, Ethnicity, & Answering the Question, “What are you?”

2.  Femminismo: How I Found Feminism

3.  Italian in Bed: On Sex & Sexuality

4.  My Hips Are Crescent Moons: Body Image & Self-Love

5.  "Tremate! Tremate! Le streghe son tornate! (Tremble! Tremble! The witches have returned!)": Olive Grrrl Activism

I'm super excited to complete this book. It means so much to me, and I think it will mean a lot to others, too! Because of my lack of funds, I will be utilizing IndieGoGo, and hoping, hoping that people will contribute somehow.

So yeah, this thing is going live on Monday (I think)... so start amping it up!