A short note

I want to thank everyone who has contributed so far to my IndieGoGo campaign for the book anthology I'm writing called: Olive Grrrls: Italian American Women & The Search For Identity. The campaign is almost at $500! The campaign ends on August 4th, so we have 30 days left! I'm supposed to "sell" this to you, but I'm really no good at selling things. This project means so much to me, and I'm so thankful to those who have already contributed--some of you I don't even know! 

With this book, I'm hoping to, in some way, shed a new light on Italian Americans and our culture--removing the "Jersey Shore" aesthetic, and the mafia ties. I'm attempting to show you what is beneath our skin, what is inside our hearts, and what is underneath our fingernails. I want to show you how valuable Olive Grrrls are--how much we have to say.

Some of us have been taunted for our Italian-ness. Some of us live on the edge of "otherness" due to our appearance and skin tone, as we are "too white" to be black or Latina, and "too dark" to be white. Our identity begins erasure. Many of us continue to live in the shadow of stereotypes.

Just like you, we are attempting to change things. We are "upgrading." We are savoring life. We are still searching...

for ourselves.