Olive Grrrls: The Lineup!


My book, Olive Grrrls: Italian North American Women & The Search For Identity, is nearly finished. Kym Ragusa is writing the Foreword and Jennifer Guglielmo is writing the Afterword. Everything is falling into place--I just need a publisher. The women who have contributed pieces to this anthology have written some amazing stuff. I wanted to give you all a little snapshot of what the current contents are (a few more submissions are on their way): 

Part 1, It's Not Easy Being Green: On Culture and Ethnicity

"What Are You?" - Lachrista Greco My Roots Aren't Mine - Katrina Senti Situating Whiteness in Italian Identity - Andrea L. Dottolo Checking White - Michelina Ferrara

Part 2, Femminismo: How I Found Feminism

What Jessie Spano Taught Me - Lachrista Greco How I Found Feminism - Maria Francesca Di Scala From Mamma to Mine: Constructing Feminist Homes on the Border(land)s of Italian America - Leandra Preston-Sidler Though We Are Women - Morgana Rhalina Smith

Part 3, Eroticized Italian: On Sex & Sexuality

"Say it in Italian, Baby": Sexualizing Italian Identity - Lachrista Greco Coming Out Canadian - Nadia Machismo - Amy Tornabuoni Roads Less Travelled - Lucia Farisello Gay Marriage - Angela S. Patane Sex, Power and Italianità: Personal Meditations on the Madonna/Whore Complex - Oliva Kate Cerrone "So, what is he?" - Michelina Ferrara Keeping Up Appearances: On the Intersection of Sex, Religion, and Culture - Melissa A. Fabello

Part 4, Hips Like Crescent Moons: Body Image & Self Love

TBD - Lachrista Greco I Heard - Maria Francesca Di Scala The Struggle For Identity: On Being a Fat Italian American Grrrl - Molly Yocum

Part 5, Olive Grrrl Activism

Guerrilla Feminism: How I Create an Online Feminist Activist Community - Lachrista Greco I'm Done With... - Michelina Ferrara Everybody Loves a Sicilian Girl - Amy Tornabuoni