Tommy Thompson using sexism to win votes


As we all know, we're chest-deep in election season. Here in Wisconsin, we have Tammy Baldwin (D) versus Tommy Thompson (R) for a Senate seat. I, for one, have had it with the rampant sexism that has been occurring in campaign ads from Thompson's side. I'm not surprised, but I'm fucking done.  In the most recent campaign commercial for Thompson, there is video of Baldwin speaking passionately--her voice raised--to an audience. The disembodied voice that runs through the commercial, says: "Tired of her shouting?" Riiight.

This is just another way society chooses to invalidate women: by not taking them seriously for showing emotion. Because Baldwin is passionate about what she believes in, and isn't afraid to show this, she becomes a soundbite for "Uppity" women everywhere. This rhetoric is old sexism at its finest. It's plain boring--come up with something new already!

This is something women have been dealing with for centuries. We cry--oh, it means we're overreacting. We yell--oh, we're on our periods. It's bullshit, and everyone knows it. Come November, I'll be voting for Baldwin, because I want someone who is fiercely passionate about people and about the issues at hand. I don't want some sexist grandpa to fill another seat in the Senate--there are far too many of them.

We can change things, if we really want to--and don't you want to?