'Le Amiche'
'Le Amiche'

Many of us have heard about the film and television series, Sex and The City, but did you know there was an Italian film version made back in the '50s? Michelangelo Antonioni's, Le Amiche (The Girlfriends), follows four independent women living in Torino. The LA Times refers to it this way,

a brisk tale about a clique of fashion-forward, independent-thinking young women...who went to all the best parties and slept with the men they wanted to. The year was 1955.

The actresses featured are: Eleonora Rossi-Drago (Clelia), Valentina Cortese (Nene), Anna Maria Pancani (Mariella) and Yvonne Fureaux (Momina De Stefani).

Le Amiche asks the question, which is more important: friends or lovers? The answer, as you probably have guessed, was quite feminist for its time. The film will finally be made available to the U.S. in its restored version.

Antonioni's Le Amiche was

revolutionary for the times in both its story—every decision of import, whether it be life, death, love or career, made by the women—and its telling, with Antonioni creating moments strung together so lightly, watching it has the feel of casual updates from a series of friends.

This is just another example of Italy's feminist footprints. Though small, a definite footprint nonetheless.