I don't need to convince men that feminism is important, that just isn't a goal of mine. I can't even have that conversation, of whether or not it's important, because if someone asks me that they're my mortal enemy and I don't want to have a conversation with them until they grow-up. – Kathleen Hanna, speaking in Glasgow Women's Library, 2000

I found this KH quote recently, and it really resonates with how I feel about the ever-present question(s), "Why is feminism important? Why does it matter?"

It's not my job to convince men (or anyone) of feminism's importance. This rhetoric is so tiresome, and it doesn't help that the question is often asked in a snotty tone. I'm willing to educate anyone on feminism, but only if they're willing to listen. Then, of course, you have some people who will say, "Well, I'm a humanist," and that really opens up a whole new can of worms. Now, I understand it may be "easier" for you to call yourself that, because of some discomfort you feel with the word "feminist," but humanism erases the specific oppression of women-identified individuals, and it negates male privilege. Humanism has its own definition. According to the dictionary, humanism is "an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural powers."

So, tell me, how the hell can that definition be substituted for feminism?

Coming soon... a list of WHY feminism matters, for those who need concrete evidence.

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