Elizabeth Taylor died today... and now I really must watch "Cleopatra." She was (and still is) hailed as one of Hollywood's greatest actresses, and beauties, but she also faced discrimination because of her good looks. She stated:

If you were considered pretty, you might as well have been a waitress trying to act—you were treated with no respect at all.

Though, Taylor was beautiful, she was equally intelligent and knew her craft well. She was also exceptionally dedicated to AIDS-related charities and fundraising. In fact, she aided in the development of the American Foundation for AIDS Research, after the death of former friend/co-star Rock Hudson. Taylor later created her own AIDS foundation, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Her many marriages/divorces (8 to be exact) were discussed and analyzed throughout her life. I remember my grandmother mentioning this once to me, and I thought, "Who the hell cares?" And really, what was the big deal? We, as a society, don't seem to talk about male celebrities who have been married and divorced several times (ex. Larry King). So what was the obsession with trying to understand Taylor's relationships? News articles that speak to this sensationalize it, and seem to regard Taylor as "broken" woman or something. People grow apart. Divorce happens. You love who you love when you love them. Sometimes it lasts. Sometimes it doesn't. At least she was honest in her emotions and actions, unlike many other celebrities. I think Hollywood was afraid of her--afraid of her truth; her inability to be "perfect" and "innocent."

Elizabeth Taylor was not just a "pretty face." She seemed to have actually been a good and honest person as well.

I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them.