I'm wearing my hair in pigtails today. I'm 25. I do this from time to time, but I started wondering today... is there a societal age limit for certain hair styles? Obviously, I would like to think the answer is "No, fuck that!" But I wonder... I've often told my mom (who is a youthful-looking 60) that she should wear her hair in pigtails, and her response is generally, "What?! No way! I'm too old for that!"

But I don't think she is. It makes me question, though, am I "too old" as well? I know many seem to connote pigtails with youth, or innocence, but why? More importantly, why does it seem to matter?

In other countries, pigtails don't necessarily connote childishness. In Britain, pigtails actually symbolize authority, as barristers usually wear wigs with the pigtail hairstyle. However, in some areas of China (and in traditional culture), the wearing of pigtails meant you were unmarried, and thus, marketed you to prospective suitors. Once you became married, the hairstyle would shift to a ponytail. Perhaps the American equation of pigtails=young came from this? I'm not sure.

Today, I started thinking whether or not people I don't know treat me differently when my hair is in pigtails. Do I look younger? Do I look innocent? Do I look old trying to be young? Do I just look plain stupid? Too many thoughts came through my mind--though, I have a large head, so I can hold a lot in this gourd of mine :)

Back to my point... is there an age where you should just stop wearing your hair in pigtails? Thoughts?