Everyone seems to believe Lucy van Pelt is a bitch. She's described as a "bully." I don’t think so. Sure, she never lets Charlie Brown kick the football, but maybe she’s just fed up with him. Maybe she’s getting back at the patriarchy. I mean, he always comes to her for help, and never thanks her. What’s up with that, Chuck? We're all supposed to feel sorry for Charlie, right? Charlie is sad and oppressed, ya'll. And we're supposed to dislike Lucy because she is supposedly "bossy"? Well, fuck that noise. Lucy was always my favorite. I grew up being a sassy girl, and so, of course, I gravitated to her character. Really, though, she was just as insecure as everyone else--constantly seeking approval from other characters; consistently asking Schroeder (her crush) if he thought she was pretty. Lucy has a tough veneer, but she's all marshmallow inside. Charlie seemingly forgets that Lucy is human. I don't know. I've never much cared for Charlie Brown. He was always just kind of "there." Lucy, now, she was someone who stood out. My ex-boyfriend and I talked about dressing up as Charlie and Lucy for Halloween one year. It would have been awesome. You see, he was just like Charlie, and I was pretty similar to Lucy. Too bad that never happened...

Anyways, what I'm saying is... Lucy was probably just fed up with the patriarchy and took it out on Charlie. Granted, it's not always good to take things out on others, but I will back a feminist cartoon character any day.

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