Talked to my Nonno today—he’s a 92-year-old sexist, racist, homophobic, Roman Catholic, republican, Italian man. And I love him. However… In regards to my being single: “You better get looking, Chrissa—you’re 25; it’s getting time for you to settle down.” “Well, Nonno, there aren’t many nice boys in Chicago.” “Oh, yeah, no, not in Chicago. Don’t look there.” (never is there mention that my 29-year-old brother should “settle down”).

Sexist? Check. Traditional? Check. Fucked up? Oh yes.

I'm used to my Nonno saying crazy things, and I brush them off usually, but this was the first time he actually asked me about my "dating" life. It was... awkward. I often have enough patience to handle the various things my Nonno says, but this time I actually spoke up and said: "Nonno, I have to get a new job and a new apartment before I can get me a husband" (and I actually said, 'get me a husband'). He laughed in reply, and all was well. At least it made the subject disappear.

Now I'm just going to feel completely irked knowing that my Nonno is interested in my dating life. Ugh. Guess I better go bag me a man. Any takers?