Last night, I had the privilege of seeing the Atlanta quartet, The Coathangers play at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. It was truly an amazing experience. These women kick some serious ass. 

The Coathangers, consisting of: Julia Kugel (guitar/vocals), Stephanie Luke (drums/vocals), Candice Jones (keyboard/vocals), and Meredith Franco (bass/vocals) came on stage rearing to go. The energy is the crowd completely changed when they started playing. The crowd was hooked. The foursome played loud, angry, fun music reminiscent of Riot Grrrl. It felt like the 90s in a really good way. I felt like I could have been at an early Sleater-Kinney or Bikini Kill show.

There were so many similarities to their Riot Grrrl contemporaries. Each member was able to play all of the instruments. There was a lot of switching--guitarist to drums, drummer to guitar, etc. Also, the screaming. Ahhh, the screaming. Women screaming in songs is probably one of my favorite things (is that weird?). Well, it was rad.

Julia Kugel's vocals were lovely. She often sounded like an angry child. Her vocals were a great counter to drummer, Stephanie Luke's singing style. Stephanie's lower, husky voice on top of Julia's made for some Riot Grrrl gold. Meredith Franco, though small in stature, was an energetic force to be reckoned with as she played bass. Keyboardist, Candice Jones, had some of the best facial expressions and subtle movements that I've seen--definitely not giving a shit.  Basically, the second this band came on stage, I wanted to be best friends with them, or felt like I already was.

One of the best things about this show, and about The Coathangers stage presence is how much the audience could tell these women enjoy playing together. So often in this society, women are pegged against each other--taught to hate each other. These women prove society wrong--and they're having a good time while doing so.

PLEASE check them out. You can find them here:

The Coathangers.com