I'm going to be doing a "Wellness Cleanse" through the yoga studio I attend. It consists of eating healthy (mostly veg. or vegan) and then doing liquids for three days (broth and smoothies). Throughout it all, we have meetings to talk about our feelings and all that glorious stuff. We also have restorative yoga classes, as well as vinyasa classes that we will be taking. An "Intuitive Healer" is coming and we're also touring the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, which is amazing and enormous. All of this is awesome, but I'm so nervous. I've never done a cleanse, and the last time I was on a liquid diet, it was for quite some time when I was extremely ill, and my doctor put me on it--it was not fun. So, needless to say, I have some PTSD from that whole situation. I'm also just worried, because I'm not sure how I will do. I have difficulty trusting my body, and I'm always symptomatizing. My anxiety disorder tends to show itself through physical symptoms, and instead of just "being" with my feelings, I try to intervene--I take some form of "medicine", when really, I should just let it be. I'm constantly afraid of feeling "off."

My goals for the cleanse include:

-Trusting my body, NOT intervening -Eating healthy and mindfully -Removing negative influences (people, things, types of foods) -Gaining some clarity

The program starts tomorrow. We have our "Orientation" tomorrow night. I will blog through the entire process. Wish me luck!