Today, I began my Wellness Cleanse. It started with a 7am heated power vinyasa class (the earliest I have ever done yoga), and then a brief lecture/discussion on healthy eating and daily routines. I was previously quite nervous about the whole thing, but now I'm feeling much more relaxed. From Sunday to Thursday, we eat healthy, clean food--so three meals a day of many veggies, fruits, nuts, lean meat (if you're a meat eater), etc. Even though we're not really supposed to eat salads (Ayurveda--yoga's sister science--says to eat salads in spring/summer and more soups and roasted veggies in the fall/winter), I am going to be eating some. This cleanse is not explicitly following ayurveda, but utilizing some of its guidelines. From Friday to Sunday, we do a liquid phase of broth and smoothies. Then, on the following Monday we re-introduce healthy solid foods. What I like about this cleanse is that you can make it what you want. You can choose to remove whichever things you would like. For the next two weeks, I will be removing:

-Sugar (this will be the hardest)

-Caffeine (which won't be a big deal, since I barely have it)

-Soy (meh--I can take it or leave it)

-Alcohol (again, won't be difficult, as I rarely drink)

-Dairy (I've already removed this, but just so we all know)

I am also not using microwaves during my cleanse, as they are quite awful for us.

I'm blogging about all of this, so I can hold myself accountable.

I've been doing this cranberry juice and water mixture every morning that is amazing. All you do is mix 1 oz of REAL cranberry juice to 7 oz of water. Sure, it's super tart, but it's great for the kidneys, the urinary tract, and keeping you regular :)

Also, one thing I've noticed about cleansing programs (or maybe just the one I'm doing) is that it's tad classist. For someone like myself who was let go of her job, and has no income, I've definitely felt a bit frustrated. I don't own a blender or a juicer, and I can't afford to buy either at the moment, but it seems like everyone in my group has one. So, that's kind of been bumming me out, but oh well. This is a topic for a whole other post.

Today has been a success. I'll keep you updated!