Dear lambies,

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I apologize I haven't written since my day 1 of the cleanse. Not too much has been going on. My eating has been much much better. My energy has been great, and I feel overall healthy and extremely aware of my body--in a good way. I'm still nervous about the impending liquid phase, however. So, I've been doing some mental preparation.

My relationship with food has been strained since my high school days, when I got super sick. It's probably been strained since before that, actually. Once my parents divorced, and whenever I was with my dad (which was half the time), if you felt anything, you were supposed to eat (he's Italian, and learned this behavior from my grandparents). If I complained of feeling ill, my dad would advise me to eat something. I eventually got into this pattern of literally eating my feelings away. I didn't want to feel the emotions or physical symptoms I was feeling, so I would eat. I still deal with this today, but I'm much more aware of it.

I took an amazing vinyasa class last night (with live music!) before meeting with my group last night. The meeting was good. We checked in with each other and got to make tasty smoothies. A woman who does colonics came into to talk to us for a while, and honestly, that kind of freaked me out. The woman said she gets colonics once a week--which is great for her (I guess), but I really don't think colonics should be advocated to just anyone. They're invasive, for one, they remove good bacteria, and they're costly. I mean, if you have the money, why would you want to spend it on that every goddamn week anyways? I would rather take my own shit, thank you very much. After her talk, I feel as though my bowel movements are super inadequate, ha, but seriously--I kind of do.

Anywhoo--tomorrow I start the liquid phase. I will be making some broth and smoothies. Please share with me your favorite smoothie recipes! I need all the help I can get.