I started the "Liquid Phase" of the Wellness Cleanse on Friday, February 3rd. No solid foods from Friday through Sunday. Here's a breakdown of how it went for me:

The first day of the liquid phase, Friday, went fairly well. I made a smoothie, which consisted of: 3 apples, almond milk, cilantro, and a little bit of protein powder. It was delicious! The smoothie lasted me all day, and for dinner I had broth. As a snack before bed, I had a smaller smoothie with blueberries. I didn't really have any hunger pangs, but I did feel a tad lethargic and had a headache. I did some light yoga in the evening in my bedroom.

For the second day of the liquid phase, I made the Classic Green Monster smoothie, which consists of: almond milk, banana, spinach, ground flax, and some ice cubes (I didn't put in the nut better, as I didn't have any--same with the chia seeds). The smoothie was really tasty and made me feel energized for most of the day. Later on, I had some broth--which definitely didn't fill me up. I made another smoothie from my friend Raechel's blog for dinner. This was also excellent. The second day was much easier than the first.

The third day began early with a 7am restorative yoga class, and a group meeting. An intuitive healer came to speak to us, and she was really amazing. She ran us through an "intuition meditation", which created some great clarity for me. I made the Monster Green smoothie for breakfast, and then made the apple and cilantro one for later--I also added a banana. The third day was really hard for me. I thought about food constantly. Though, my energy was surprisingly "up."

Things I liked about the Liquid Phase:

-Felt clear and calm
-Didn't have to prepare meals
-No stomach/digestive issues
-Was told I lost some weight (I was not aiming for this)*

Things I disliked about the Liquid Phase:

-Thought about food constantly
-Couldn't go to my regular heated vinyasa yoga classes

*I'm not a proponent for using cleanses as a way to lose weight. Cleanses should be restorative and detoxifying--not utilized for I-want-to-fit-into-this-bathing-suit bullshit. If you want to lose weight, change what you eat and how you live, as diets don't work. 

Overall, I was really surprised at how well my body handled the liquid phase. Since this phase is over, we go back to "clean eating" tomorrow for the week, and the cleanse program ends on February 12th. I'll do a more thorough wrap-up then about the whole experience.

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