The Wellness Cleanse is over! Today marked the last day. My group had a yoga class together--slightly different from our normal classes, as we held each pose for 8 breaths. Then, we had a delicious potluck of clean food! It was yummy! As I reflect on it all, it seems like it went so fast. Too fast! I'm hoping to continue some (if not most) of the things I learned. I hope to continue the following:

-Eating "clean" as much as possible (no processed foods)
-No sugars (aside from every blue moon)
-Yoga daily
-Trusting my body, not intervening
-Limited soy
-Cranberry/water mixture each morning, or apple cider vinegar/water mixture
-EVOO facial cleansing method

Things I probably won't do:

-Get a colonic (I don't really "believe" in them, unless you're truly not shitting)
-Get my silver fillings removed (the holistic dentist talked about how horrible they are--I don't have money however to just get them removed)
-Go vegan

Overall, I really enjoyed the cleanse, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well my body handled the many changes I threw at it. One of the biggest lessons I'm taking away from this is that my body doesn't need as much food as I think it does. Listening to my body is something I will no longer take for granted.