1. Downton Abbey PaperdollsLady Sybil is my favorite. Yay 1900s feminism!


2. Kara Passey, "Feminist Media Criticism"comic


I love this because it's so relative to my life. Holy shit. I was always kind of like this, but after graduate school in Women's & Gender Studies it just became even more so. I basically can't look at anything without seeing it through a critical feminist lens. I don't think it's a bad thing at all, but I'm sure some people do. Oh well.


3. Pablo Neruda Love Poems

This one in particular, because it so eloquently describes how I feel for someone.

so I wait for you like a lonely house
till you will see me again and live in me. 
Till then my windows ache.


4. Panda Cat!


Found on Tumblr.


5. "10 Rules for Being Human" by Cherie Carter-Scott


Yes to all of this.

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