1. Fiona Apple

So, I'm super sad because I didn't get tickets to see her in Chicago. I've been listening to her awesomeness all the time lately. I can't even tell you which song is my favorite, because I love them all so much. *sigh*


2. Colbert on Republican craziness


Watch him here as he talks about giving men who want to take a potential male birth control pill a transurethral ultrasound. Ah, I love you Colbert.


3. Edvard Munch quote

Edvard Munch

This was circulating on Tumblr, and I fell in love with it. Munch was a Norwegian symbolist painter and printmaker during the expressionist art movement.


4. Article on Feminist Sex Submission by Morgan

Click here to read it. I like this a lot. It explains being sexually "submissive" and reconciling this with one's feminist beliefs. Really great read.


5. The Berenstain Bears!


The other half (Jan Berenstain) passed away this week at the age of 88. Her husband and writing partner, Stan, died in 2005. As a kid, I loved these books.