So, because I’m taking part in a “Yoga for Emotional Wellness” workshop, we have little "assignments." These assignments range from journaling to practicing pranayama and asana. Anyway, one of the assignments is to do what’s called a “1-minute Breath” meditation. Ideally, you breathe in for 20 counts, hold for 20 counts, and then exhale for 20 counts. This is super difficult to do, so many of us are doing it for 10. It’s supposed to help relax and calm the body/mind, as well as bring a sense of clarity. Before starting, you must “tune in”—as in all Kundalini meditations: “Ong namo guru dev namo.”

My yoga therapist runs this workshop, and so I have another little assignment to do. She taught me a meditation for abundance. So I’m doing this in the morning for (minimally) 3 minutes (after tuning in, of course), followed by a light asana practice, mainly to stretch—not necessarily to “work out” (that’s what my evening practice is for).

I’m writing this to create accountability for myself. My schedule for the next 40 days will be:

Wake up: Prosperity Meditation/Chant (3 mins) Light asana practice (20-30 mins)

Afternoon/Evening: Vinyasa class (60 mins)

Before Sleep: 1-Minute Breath exercise (1 min)

I may choose to add in some other things, we shall see.