Lately, I've been trying to incorporate something my friend (and yoga teacher), Diana, once said to me. On one of my previous posts about body image, she commented:

The self talk that works best for me--especially on bad days--is that ‘I appreciate my body.’  If I can’t muster up “I AM F-ING HOT” or “I am beeeeautiful!” or “DAMN my legs have got it goin ON,” then I just try to remind myself how much I appreciate my body for getting me around every day and allowing me to be here--even if the here sucks at the very moment.

I've been utilizing this idea of "appreciating" what my body can do for the past month, and it has really helped me feel more body positive. The more I simply appreciate what my body can do, the more I am able to love it unconditionally. When I feel body negativity begin to boil up inside of me, I think calmly, "You (body) got me to the yoga studio today. You got me to go outside and look at the butterflies. You got me to walk fast."

Too often, we take our bodies for granted. We obsess over what we think our bodies can't do, and not what they can. I am often needing reminding of this when I'm taking an intense yoga class, and I get frustrated with not being able to do a posture. Sometimes I will purposefully take a child's pose during an inversion practice--depending on my mood for that day--because I know if I'm feeling uber competitive, then I will beat myself up after trying the inversion and not getting it 100%. This is not to say that I don't always try the pose, but somedays, it's better for me (and my body) to take a resting posture. It teaches me to be "ok" with where I'm at during that moment.

I invite you all to take Diana's words of advice, and attempt to weave these words into your life throughout this upcoming week. Notice if anything changes inside you. Notice if it seems difficult or easy. Notice what your body is doing for you right now.


*If you happen to be in Chicago, take one of her classes. She is amazing!*