Many of you know that I really dislike summer. I hate the heat, the stickiness; I even hate the abundance of sunshine (I know what you're thinking). Summer seems to give me a lot more anxiety as the added heat reminds me of how my body feels when experiencing a panic attack. It's not a fun time. So, I thought I would write a little post on some tips to stay cool during the dreary (in my opinion) and hot summer months. 

1. Try practicing a moon salutation instead of your usual sun salutation. Ideally, practice this before bed.

2. Drink plenty of water (and coconut water to replenish those electrolytes)!

3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, or at least limit these as they can contribute to dehydration and feeling overheated.

4. If you don't have central air (like myself), invest in a window a/c unit for your bedroom. For me, I can't sleep at all if I'm hot.

5. Try not to get too angry about anything (which is pretty impossible, I know)--but getting angry will heighten your body heat!

6. Fill up a couple of water bottles with ice, and place them at the base of your bed.

7. Eat cooling foods like salads, watermelon, mint, cucumber, radishes, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, etc.

8. Take showers/baths often.

9. Exercise in the early morning or late evening.

10. Brew some mint herbal iced tea!

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