1. "Why can't you get a job?" (Reality: The economy fucking sucks, you guys. I have an M.A., and I can't get a job. Asking this question is somewhat blaming, and just plain dumb, so don't ask it.)

2. "I wish I didn't have a job. It must be nice to just hang around."

(Reality: I'm not lazy. I don't just "hang around" all day. My days consist of worrying about finances--sometimes creating an anxiety attack--, applying to countless jobs, reconfiguring my cover letters, updating my resume, going to yoga for my mental and physical health, and crying. Oh, and I'm on fucking Food Stamps and Unemployment Benefits. I would much rather prefer a job.)

3. "Are you just being too picky?"

(Reality: I will take virtually anything. I haven't received a single job offer, so, no, I'm not being "too picky." I have, and I continue, to apply to things that I am overqualified for--no job is too small. I just need a damn income. Again, this question is inferring that I am to blame for my unemployment.)

4. "You're probably not looking in the right places."

(Reality: I look for jobs everywhere--online, offline, you name it. I check various sites daily--sometimes every few hours--to see postings. Please, enlighten me with where you think I should be looking.)

5. "You just have to apply like crazy--and something will stick."

(Reality: Ok, the sentiment is nice, I guess, but I am--and have been--applying "like crazy." I understand people think saying this is helpful, but it's not, because it's shit I already know.)

6. "You're busy? Doing what?"

(Reality: I have a lot going on, actually. I run a blog/website, I moderate a Facebook fan page for "Guerrilla Feminism" that has over 13,000 people, I am writing an anthology and attempting to get funds for said anthology, applying to jobs, networking, etc. So, yes, I actually am busy.)

7. "There are plenty of jobs out there."

(Reality: No. Just, no.)

8. "You're lucky. I hate my job."

(Reality: No, I'm not lucky. Would you prefer to be unemployed or hate your job? I mean, at least one of us has an income. Also, I don't really think it was "luck" that got me unemployed. Am I better off? In some ways, yes, but hearing this doesn't make me want to hug you.)

9. "How do you support yourself?"

(Reality: If you're not a close friend of mine, then you have no reason to ask me this. It's nobody's business how I support myself. Why do you care? The question also seems to assume that I should just "give up" and call it a day.)

10. "Did you get a job yet?"

(Reality: If I were to get a job, you would hear about it from me immediately. If I don't offer up this information, then you can safely assume that no, I have not gotten a job. Let's talk about something else.)

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