RIP, Trayvon

RIP, Trayvon

I am disgusted and saddened by the "Not Guilty" verdict given to murderer George Zimmerman last night. I am even more disgusted by the lack of caring displayed by many people in and out of my life.

Are you that jaded? Are you that heartless?

We need to wake the fuck up, World!

So many atrocities are being committed, and we can't let this exhaust us out of action; out of solidarity; out of peace.  

Trayvon Martin was only guilty of "Walking While Black." If you are not a white, cis, straight, upper-class, able-bodied man in this world, you are guilty until proven innocent. Someone will find you guilty of something. 

If this doesn't scare you, think critically about why. Think. Think. Think. Analyze. Listen. Discuss. Even if you do benefit from all the privileges in the world, it should scare you.

You need to feel something, World.