This week my Power Flow class worked on the 4th chakra, Anahata. The central goal for this chakra is probably obvious; it’s to be loving and compassionate. The element is air and the color associated is green. The basic right of this chakra is to love and be loved

Located at the heart center, this chakra, when balanced, is peaceful, loving, empathetic, and self-loving. As with any chakra, an unbalanced heart chakra can be excessive or deficient. You might be thinking, “How can you have too much love?” Oh, let me count the ways…

For the 4th chakra to be excessive, you may experience the following: codependencypoor boundariesclinging, and/or jealousy. If you have a deficient 4th chakra, you might feel: lonelinessdepressionfear of intimacy, and/or lack of empathy.

The affirmation for this chakra, which I had my students meditate on, is: I am worthy of love.

Naturally, we worked on a lot of heart-opening postures. We started with Ball Hugging, which is a variation of seated cat/cow that has a slight backbend to lift the chest. As we created our intentions in Samastitihi, I had my students place their hands in Lotus Mudra–which symbolizes the heart opening. We practiced other postures like Extended Side Angle with a sweeping arm variation in order to open the chest more. Later on, we practiced Melting Heart posture, which isn’t so much about opening the heart, as it is about breathing into that space of the body.

I read the following passage from Anodea Judith’s book, Eastern Body, Western Mind:

Healing the heart involves attending to the most vulnerable and sacred aspects within ourselves. Only through attending to their truth can we drop the protective armor that keeps us bound to the ego, bound to smaller parts of ourselves. Manipulation, derision, criticisms, or command will not work. We can only melt the armor with the combination of feeling and understanding that is love.

As corny as it may sound, I ended the class letting my students know that they are all capable to love and be loved.



Next week: 5th Chakra, Vissudha–Throat