This past Tuesday, my Power Flow class worked on the 5th chakra, Vissudha. The central goal for this chakra is clear communication. The element is sound and the color associated is bright blue. The basic right of this chakra is to speak and be heard

For me, this chakra is always difficult. Due to a previous sexual assault, my throat chakra has, at times, felt forever blocked. I can never get enough of 5th chakra postures because of this.

When this chakra is in excess, you might be: talking too muchnot listeninggossiping, and/or having a dominating voice. If this chakra is deficient for you, you might have: a fear of speaking,small voicedifficulty putting feelings into words, and/or poor rhythm.

For a balanced 5th chakra, you will exhibit the following traits: resonant voicegood listenerclear communication, and living creatively.

I began class reading from Anodea Judith’s book, Eastern Mind, Western Body, as usual, with the students in sukasana. Then, since voice and sound are super important to this chakra, I led my class through a protection mantra that a Kundalini yoga instructor had previously taught me.

The mantra is:

Ad guray nameh (I bow to, or call on, the primal wisdom)
Judgad guray nameh (I bow to, or call on, the wisdom through the ages)
Sat guray nameh (I bow to, or call on, the true wisdom)
Siri guru devay nameh (I bow to, or call on, the great transparent wisdom within)

When said, three times, this mantra protects you from harm’s way.

After this, I reiterated the 5th chakra’s affirmation, which is: My voice is necessary.

Our two peak postures for this chakra were: Fish Pose and Shoulderstand, with the option for any modifications needed.

On yet another personal note, I didn’t feel like this was my “best teaching moment”, because there were a few things I messed up on, but after class I did receive a lot of positive feedback, so a testament to the fact that students experience a class much differently than the instructor!

I ended the class reminding the students that they’re voices are VERY necessary (did you catch that Salt ‘n’ Pepa reference? Ha!)



Next week: 6th Chakra, Ajna, Third-Eye