How could anyone hate on this bae?

How could anyone hate on this bae?

I received my first death threat on Guerrilla Feminism the other day. I had posted about how there isn't "reverse" sexism or "reverse" racism. People flipped out. Dudes got all ridiculous. And then this guy said: 

"Oh my wow! Someone kill the woman who wrote this before she lays eggs!"

First of all--if I could "lay eggs", do you know how fucking cool that would be? Secondly, when I choose to have kids, they will be fucking awesome, because I am fucking awesome, aight? And third... once again, this comment proves you can't go or be anywhere safely if you're a woman--including online.

It's an interesting feeling having a stranger tell you that you should die--not only that you should die, but that you should be killed. I feel simultaneously detached from it and immensely hurt. I feel both aggressive and numb about it. 

There are plenty of people online that I can't stand, but do I wish them death or murder? No, because quite frankly, I don't care that much. 

I have to laugh (otherwise I'd cry all the time) at the fact that my existence, alone, pisses people off. And truthfully, this makes me feel super fucking powerful, so thanks trolls!

Now, get outta my way, so I can continue being awesome :P