My power flow class completed the second to last chakra, Ajna, this past Tuesday. The central goal for this chakra is intuition. The element is light  and the color associated is indigo. The basic right of this chakra is to see

We began our practice in a seated meditation in order to connect with the third-eye. The affirmation for this chakra is, I see all things in clarity. We touched on what an unbalanced 6th chakra looks like. If  the chakra is excessive, you may experience: hallucinationsdelusionsobsessions, and/or nightmares. Conversely, if the chakra is deficient, you might be: insensitive, have poor vision, be in denial, and/or have poor memory.

For our “Ajna Flow”, we practiced poses like, Birds of Paradise, Child’s Pose, and Dancer’s Pose, to name a few. Meditation and chanting are big pieces of the 6th chakra, so we spent ample time with both at the beginning and end.

I read from Anodea Judith’s book, Eastern Body, Western Mind, as usual. Part of the passage I read is below:

While our physical eyes are the organs of outer perception, the sixth chakra relates to the mystical third eye–the organ of inner perception. The third eye witnesses the internal screen where memory and fantasy, images and archetypes, intuition and imagination intertwine on endless display. By watching the contents on this screen, we create meaning and bring it to consciousness. The purpose of the sixth chakra is to see the way, and bring the light of consciousness to all that exists within and around us.

We ended class in savasansa, imagining each breath brightening and opening our third-eye center, the 6th chakra.


Next Tuesday: our 7th and LAST chakra, Sahasrara–Crown chakra!