In the beginning of GF, I pretty much regurgitated links like nobody’s business. I didn’t give too much thought to what I was posting, and it was so easy to just click that damn “Share” button on Facebook. If you don’t give a shit about your page, then, by all means, “Share” away! However, if you do want your page to be better than average, I’d suggest NOT going on digital autopilot. Here’s why…

So much shit comes through our Facebook newsfeeds every second. Some articles might catch your eye with their attention-grabbing headlines. STEER CLEAR OF THESE ARTICLES. I’m thinking of one large community that engages with people this way (Upworthy, I’m looking at you!) Please, just don’t fucking share shit without reading it first. I know, I know, you’re thinking: “But Lachrista, that’s what Facebook was made for!” Sure, if you’re not trying to create and maintain a business/organzation/etc. SHARE THE SHIT OUT OF UPWORTHY. See what I care! (No hate on Upworthy! Actually, some hate, because I can’t stand their goddamn headlines).

I digress…

Your audience can tell whether you’ve read the article you’re posting or whether you haven’t. This can present a problem when someone (inevitably) calls you out: “Why the fuck are you posting this drivel?!” I know, because it has happened to me (I should write one of those xoJane articles, “IT HAPPENED TO ME: I got called out on Facebook, because I was ridiculous and didn’t read the article that I shared.” Probably not catchy enough, but people would PROBABLY share the shit out of it without reading it!) Full fucking circle, my friends.

I suggest reading an article IN ITS ENTIRETY before posting/sharing it. However, if you’re all, “I don’t wanna fuckin’ read” then either a) DON’T POST IT or b) SKIM THE DAMN THING! Most articles these days are written from the perspective of: “People will look at this shit for 5 seconds–10 max–so obvi I won’t write a goddamn novel.” I mean, who knows how many of you reading this article right now have gotten this far! My point is this (in case it was lost on you, because I have a tendency to go on tangents): Don’t post/share links without reading/skimming them first, and if you do, be ready to explain yourself to your audience.

Take pride in what you’re doing. Don’t be on digital autopilot. If you don’t care about your brand/org/etc, then why would you expect others to?