Here is my "Friday Favorite Five"--a list of 5 things I've been loving this week! Following in the radical footsteps of my grrrl Raechel over at Rebel Grrrl Kitchen, I'll also be adding a short list of things that made me happy this week.

What's on your list?

"Cocoon" bath tea, $15-$20

"Cocoon" bath tea, $15-$20

1. Beatbox Botanicals

Ya'll need to check this place out! Adaku Utah, who is the founder, was in my WGS Grad program with me for a short time in Chicago. She's now making beautiful heart healing salves, tea, wine, and more! Also, prices are on a sliding scale!

I plan to buy myself the following: "Heart Elixir", "Love Balm", "Cocoon Bath Tea", "Heart Oil", and "Trust Your Truth Salve."

My name!!!!

My name!!!!

2. Custom Silver Name Necklace

So, growing up, as you can imagine, I never had anything with my name on it--and that shit fucks with you! I have always wanted a necklace with my name on it, and I found this great shop on Etsy, appropriately called: bestnamenecklace. Mine arrived yesterday, and it's FABULOUS!!!

3. "Cloud 69" - Lowell

I just recently heard of musician, Lowell, through Bust Magazine, and I love her! This song, especially, because the chorus starts, "Fuck all you bad boys, you bad, bad boys!" Give her a listen! Her debut album drops on September 16th.

4. This quote from one of my favorite books, The Book of Awakening, by Mark Nepo: 

I have seen myself doing what was done to me, never as cruel or as harsh. But it has been enough to make me tremble at how easy it is to be cruel when afraid, and how difficult it is to accept that we are all capable of terrible things, and how cleansing it is to realize that true kindness breathes just beneath this acceptance.

I think we often forget our own humanity, and how, really, any of us can be cruel or good or what have you. It's something I continue to meditate on and keep myself aware of.



5. This art piece by Starchild Stela

I love Starchild Stela's work so fucking much. I immediately fall in love with every piece she creates. She is my favorite graffiti artist by far. I'd like to get a tattoo of one of her pieces someday. This particular piece really spoke to me, because as a woman, I'm often told or it is implied, that my anger is not valid. It has taken (and continues to take) some serious re-wiring of my brain to fully believe that, yes, my anger IS valid, damnit! 

Now, for a list of things that made me happy this week:

  • meeting with Sarah to talk about my continued teaching of trauma-sensitive yoga to women at the domestic violence shelter
  • having a lunch date downtown with my bestie Kelly <3
  • dates with a particularly cute and kind boy
  • ukulele playin'