"Joan of Arc" by Harold H. Piffard

"Joan of Arc" by Harold H. Piffard

I've been thinking a lot about this, and it makes me angry. 

Within the realm of feminist activism (and feminist community), there is this cloud of judgment that hangs over those of us who activate our activism online. Even if we are demonstrating, flyering, etc on street level, our online activism is brushed aside--as if it doesn't even matter. It's not "good" enough.

Now, as we all know I love anything Kathleen Hanna does or is involved in, but remember that song Le Tigre put out, called: "Get Off The Internet"? The music is rad and all, but the lyrics always pissed me off. The song is a call-to-action for feminists to get offline and get going on the street level of activism. 

I mean, okay, I get it. Let's fuck shit up! I'm all for that, however, I resent the idea that those of us who commit to activism online are somehow not adding to the greater dialogue at large.

I still feel a bit of discomfort when I tell people I run Guerrilla Feminism. I worry I'll be judged--not because of my feminism, but because of how I activate my feminism (using the internet). I see dismissal immediately in some people's eyes--in feminist eyes. 

The thing is, I know it's bullshit: I know that anyone who dismisses the feminist work that I have done and continue to do is bullshit. 

I get so annoyed with the current influx of articles saying to "Get off Facebook in the New Year" or "Why you should leave social networks behind", etc. Look, I'm not saying the internet is perfect by any means--we all know it isn't. However, technology, the internet, etc, has opened up so many more possibilities for us to connect with each other--to connect with our feminism.

The whole point of GF was to create something online that could then be taken offline (if desired). This is why we have branches of GF--networks of feminists--globally. 

When people are self-righteous about getting off the internet, I say good for them, but I can't do that, nor is that something I want to do.

I live my life as a feminist activist. I move through the world as a feminist activist. I know no other way. It's intrinsic. It's not always pleasant or easy, but It's something I can't stop.

My feminist activism is always activated--whether I'm on the internet, or in the streets. Is yours?

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