A few weeks ago, I started working on a project for the nonprofit I created. In the five years that Guerrilla Feminism has been active, we have received MANY questions from people wanting to learn about various terms, ideas, etc. In the beginning, I would often say: "Use Google!" But as time went on, I began thinking about just HOW MUCH SHIT is on the internet. How do you know if what you're reading is legit? How do you know what you're reading is from an inclusive space or person? Well, GF DARC takes the guesswork out of that!

My goal was to create a digital archive/library around feminist activism and social justice. I wanted to curate a master list of articles, presentations, and videos that were vital to for a base-level understanding of various issues, terms, and theories. As someone with a Master's Degree in Gender & Women's Studies, I did NOT want this resource to be academic or scholarly at all! I wanted accessibility and inclusivity. 

The internet is vast, and the GF team is certainly not interested in curating it in its entirety. If you're a beginner in feminism and/or social justice or you're simply just looking for more information on a topic, it can be difficult starting out your search on Google (and trusting the bevy of links that pop up. 

The GF team (the majority of which are women of color existing in various axes of oppressions) carefully read through and determined what links should be included. The Center is alphabetized by subject title with 54 headings and hundreds of links. The idea is that we will update sections regularly as more vital pieces are written, performed, and envisioned. 

We urge our readers to take time digesting the resources listed, and to email us (info@guerrillafeminism.org) any links they think we're missing!