In the past few weeks, Guerrilla Feminism has gotten many more "Likes." We have a lot of newbies, which is great! I welcome everyone to the page. However, there are a few things you need to know about the page you just "Liked."

1. Advanced Feminist Space

As I've said before, GF is an advanced feminist space. It's considered "advanced", because we don't typically spend a lot of time on Feminist 101. We just don't have the time. Thus, we expect people who comment to have a base level understanding of intersectional feminism and intersectional feminist concepts. We have a pinned FAQ/Glossary at the top of the page (not sure how many folx actually read it, but it's there). You are more than allowed to ask questions, but know that ourselves and our community members are not here to educate-on-demand. If you want us to do that, then please pay us and we just might.

2. Lurk, Lurk, and Lurk!

The best way to become involved with the GF community is to lurk on the page for a while before commenting. Many commenters have found that lurking for several months, or even a year, helped them self-educate, and thus, allowed them to feel confident when posting. I've noticed this from some of our readers who have been with us since the beginning. Hell, even I lurk on the page still. This is an important thing to learn, especially if you're a white person. We need to know when to just listen (or read, as the case may be). For white folx, it's especially important to learn that our voice does not always matter. It doesn't always help. It doesn't always add to the discussion, and it can, often, detract and oppress marginalized folx further.  

3. Comment only when you have something that adds to the conversation

This is one that I think still needs to be worked on. I see it a lot from my fellow white folx. If we posted something about trans latinx folx, then I would hope space would be made for the folx who exist within this identity to comment, discuss, ask questions, etc. What grinds my gears is when I see a person, usually white, comment to say: "I don't get it." The problem with this type of comment is: 1) it takes up space, and 2) you're not even asking anything. It assumes someone will swoop in to educate you on demand. So, how would you comment then? You could say, "Hey, I know it's nobody's job to educate me about this, but if anyone has a second, could you please help me understand this part?" Or, you could say: "After Googling this, I still haven't found an answer. Is anyone able to help me out? I understand it's not your job to educate me, but I would be super grateful if you could help!" Even after you comment something like the above, you need to understand that you may not get an answer. People might not be available to you that second. Ask, but don't pressure anyone. It's not just about being polite. It's about acknowledging the incredible privilege us white, cishet, able-bodied folx have in this world that makes it so easy for us to just comment without really thinking shit through. 

4. We ban swiftly--and often without warning

People get upset with us for this, but it has to be this way. "But, but, FREE SPEECH!" Nah, we're not the government. We don't abide by that. If we did, we'd have a ton of bigots all up on our page. No thank you! If you comment something racist, sexist, homoantagonistic, transantagonistic, etc, etc, you will be banned. No warning. We don't have the time to warn every single person who comments egregiously. And if we did have the time, we wouldn't. GF's loyalty is to folx with marginalized identities, first and foremost. Thus, your comment, if oppressive at all, will be swiftly deleted after we ban you, so our members do not get further triggered. 

5. Say something fucked up? Hurry up with that apology!

Our mods or our members will call you in if you've fucked up. It's ok to fuck up. We all do. I fuck up a lot. It's how you deal with it that really matters (and that you try your damndest to not let it happen again). So, if you say something ignorant, and someone calls you on it, don't get defensive, don't get upset, just say, "I'm sorry. Thank you for calling me in. I won't do it again." Then, leave it at that. Don't derail the post/thread any further than you did when you said the fucked up thing. 

So, that's a short list of how you can involve yourself on the GF page. I will probably write a part 2, and part 3, because there is stuff I'm sure I'm missing. Also, feel free to ask me any questions about the above!