Joan of Arc ready to moderate comments like a badass!

Joan of Arc ready to moderate comments like a badass!

Cute title, right? Except, in this case, you don’t want to moderate your page in moderation. You want to have your whole beautiful self up on that shit–especially if you have a large audience.

In the beginning of a page, moderation may not be needed. This is not to say that you can “set it, and forget it” (your page, that is), but when you have less of an audience, obviously you will have less discussion, and thus, less need for moderating comments.

I would say that moderating is the most time consuming and difficult part of running a page. As feminists, we’re told, “Do not read the comments!” because they are generally awful everywhere. These awful, hurtful, ridiculous comments can happen right on  your own page. And YOU have to read that shit. You can’t skip through them, and pretend they don’t exist. You have to take care of that shit ASAP. If you don’t, your audience will question your integrity and your commitment.

Moderating comments is not all bad. If you’re lucky, you’ll have some really great, amazing, insightful people on your page sharing their thoughts with you and others. I’ve learned SO much from the people who comment on GF. Since Day 1, and now 3 years later, I still learn a lot from others’ comments.

I’ve heard from various GF commenters that they’ve left other pages, because the admins were not aggressive when it came to moderating. I’ve seen it myself, too. I’ll be perusing a page, and I’ll see some really horrible comment (generally with even more horrible comments attached), and hours, or even days have gone by, and the admins of the page haven’t removed or warned said culprits. This avoidance tells your audience that you don’t give a shit. It’s one thing to (obviously) have a life, and thus have other responsibilities offline to take care of, however, you have to deal with this in a timely matter (or have a fellow admin do it), otherwise, watch your page sink.

Also of note: the more you comment and engage with your commenters, the more your posts are seen around Facebook (due to Facebook’s algorithm). So when you think of moderating–it’s not just about keeping an eye out for what’s happening in discussion threads–it’s about how YOU are interacting with your audience.

So dears, go forth and read the comments! Because, well, you kind of have to…

Don’t moderate in moderation!