Here is my obligatory New Year post! Happy New Year, dear readers!

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions--they honestly just give me anxiety, because they never really stick, and when they do, they don't stick forever. Anyways... there are things I'd like to do more of, so that's what this list will be. A "Do More Of These Things Because I Like Them And They Make Me Feel Good" list. Please enjoy--and tell me what's on your "Do More Of These Things Because I Like Them And They Make Me Feel Good" in the comments!

1. Write more (especially poetry)
I used to write so much poetry. I have journals upon journals of poetry (probably shitty poetry, but poetry nonetheless). I would also like to write more blog posts. The only thing that really stops me from writing is my internal thinking that says: "Who cares what you have to say about anything!?" I'd like to silence that voice.

2. Publish my 2nd book of poetry
I plan to publish my 2nd book of poetry (published my first during my senior year of high school through a small press in Middleton, WI). I plan to self-publish this through Lulu

3. Practice yoga more
I'm an E-RYT, but it has proven difficult finding a "yoga home" here in Madison. I miss my yoga home in Chicago so much--still. Madison doesn't have much to offer (for me, anyways) in the way of yoga. I like 5 teachers and most of them teach when I can't make it! So, I'm either going to have to suck it up and go to whatever classes I can, or I'll need to be way more diligent about having a home practice. Either way, this has to happen, because yoga does amazing things for my mind and body. 

4. Take more walks
I love being outside (especially in winter--don't judge), and I'd like to take many more walks this season. 

5. Do no harm, but take no shit
Speaks for itself.

6. If a man makes me feel anything less than amazing, never speak to him again
Again, speaks for itself.

7. Do more for GF.
Figure out where I want to go with this thing. Nonprofit? Etc...

8. Take more pauses
I can be very reactive--I AM very reactive. This isn't always a good thing. I'd like to be able to take more pauses--stop rushing through life because of discomfort. I'd like to be able to have more compassion for this, my "one wild and precious life." 

9. Continue to be myself fiercely, and allow others to be themselves fiercely, too.
This can be hard with family members, etc... especially when I've thought, "Well, why can't this person be more like this and less like this?" I'd like to stop questioning. 

10. Trust my gut(s)
Because what else/who else could possibly know me best? :)