Happy 2014, dear readers (if anyone's out there...)!

via: http://valorouz.tumblr.com/

via: http://valorouz.tumblr.com/

I'm hoping to update this blog more frequently in the New Year. I'm also planning to get started on my second book, Guerrilla Feminism: Navigating Digital Activism

I vow to worry less and to live more fully. 

I will practice yoga wayyyyy more frequently because it feeds my mind, body, and spirit.

I will drink more herbal tea.

I will continue to love unabashedly even if it means getting my heart broken.

I will treat my body and mind with kindness, respect, and gratitude. 

I will love life even in the midst of temporary storms.

I will remain hopeful for good things.

Hope you all have a beautiful New Year's. Pull your life close up to your face, and kiss it hard <3