Welcome to another "playlist" here on my beautiful blog. This particular one is something I put together for when I'm having major anxiety and need to remember that everything is fine

Here is my list; as always, share your favorite songs that help you feel like "everything's fine" in the comments!

1. "Walts (Better Than Fine)" - Fiona Apple

Released on her album, "Extraordinary Machine" in 2005, I keep coming back to this song in times of stress and uncertainty. It's mellow, dreamy, and beautifully rich with Apple's vocal quality. Sample lyrics: "If you don't have a song to sing you're okay/You know how to get along humming/Hmmm."

2. "Pursuit of Happiness" - Kid Cudi

This song, from rapper Kid Cudi, just makes me feel good. Period. It's laid back. I love the chorus, "I'm on the pursuit of happiness/And I know/Everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold/I'll be fine once I get it/I'll be good."

3. "Nothing to Worry About" - Peter Bjorn And John

THIS SONG. I remember walking around the streets of Chicago with this playing on my iPod and feeling invincible. The chorus is a great affirmation for us anxiety-ridden folk: "I got nothing to worry about."

4. "Genesis" - Grimes

I have no idea what she's even singing, but I fucking feel so airy and light and lovely when listening to this song. It puts me in a relaxed trance that I greatly welcome (and need!)

5. "Shake It Out" - Florence + The Machine

I had a roommate who listened to this song way too much--it made me initially hate the song. However, after leaving that living situation and giving it some time, I now would classify this song as a great addition to an "Everything's Fine" playlist. Sample lyrics: "Shake it out, shake it out/And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back/So shake him off."