Lizzo (on left) and Sophia Eris Photo via Sophia Eris

Lizzo (on left) and Sophia Eris
Photo via Sophia Eris

I had the utmost privilege to see Sleater-Kinney perform in Milwaukee this past Sunday night, and it was a riot grrrl dream come true. 

I've written about them before here, but to summarize: my cool older brother bought me "The Hot Rock" for my 14th birthday, which then began my entrance into Riot Grrrl and feminism. And I've never turned back.

Seeing Sleater-Kinney live was something I never thought would happen. I was too young when they were starting out in the early 90s to ever go to a show, and the timing just never seemed to work out in the early 2000's. It was kind of a dream of mine that I put to rest, because I thought my time was up.


I teared up when watching them perform. Seeing Janet, Carrie, and Corin on stage--belting, playing, dancing, feminizing--was emotional for me. They played all of my favorite songs (minus a few), and the energy in the theater was electric! I felt safe at their show. I felt exuberant. I felt like I loved life again. 

Lizzo and I! <3

Lizzo and I! <3

This was, by far, the best concert I have ever been to, and the most emotional one, too. I felt all of our hearts thawing out in that warm theater in snowy Milwaukee. 

P.S. If you have a chance to see Lizzo--she will also change your life. I swear to the goddesses I had a spiritual experience watching her perform! (I got to meet her, too!)