Last weekend, I had the utmost to honor to participate in a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training through an amazing organization called, Transcending Sexual Violence Through Yoga with Zabie Yamasaki

I almost took a training similar to this at Kripalu (a bougie white upper-class retreat center--that I'm sure is gorgeous and all of the things, but exclusive nonetheless, since it costs so damn much). I was going to take David Emerson's training, but am really glad I didn't. I'm so glad I found Zabie and her organization, Transcending Sexual Violence Through Yoga.

This training has seriously changed my life. People say that a lot (especially in the yoga world, but it's so fucking true in my case). Zabie allowed myself and one other person to do the training remotely, since we couldn't afford airfare/hotel/etc going to California, so right off the bat, this training was all about accessibility, which I so appreciated! 

I hunkered down in my house for 3 days straight of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga training. I felt so included, and welcomed--it felt like I was there, in California, with everyone else! Before this training, I had read and studied a lot about trauma and yoga, and had already been teaching trauma-informed yoga, but this doing this training strengthened my knowledge and, I believe, my teaching. I feel more confident in what I'm doing and in what I know. 

Zabie's expertise, authenticity, and personability is unparalleled. She was incredibly warm and responsive to any and all questions. 

I felt more included in this training (doing it remotely), than I did during my 200-hour training that I did in person in Chicago. THAT is telling. I hope to someday get out to California to meet Zabie, and to take a yoga class from her, because damn, I know it would be an amazing experience.

I'm so thankful to Zabie and her team for the opportunity to train with them. I finally feel like I've found my "yoga niche"--and it feels really, really good  :)