[feature image shows laptop keyboard with person’s finger hovering over the key “blog”  via ]

[feature image shows laptop keyboard with person’s finger hovering over the key “blog” via]

  • Adios Barbie – the one stop body image shop for identity issues including size, race, media, and more!
  • Autostraddle – an intelligent, hilarious & provocative voice and a progressively feminist online community for a new generation of kickass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined ladies (and their friends).
  • The Belle Jar – Anne Thériault’s blog is chock-full of amazing. Make sure to “Like” her page on Facebook, too!
  • Bi Radical – the blog of Shiri Eisner.
  • Bitch Media – the online home of Bitch Magazine; a nonprofit, independent, feminist media organization dedicated to providing and encouraging an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.
  • The Body Is Not An Apology – fosters radical, unapologetic self love which translates to radical human action in service toward a more just, equitable & compassionate world.
  • Broadly – a website and digital video channel devoted to representing the multiplicity of women’s experiences.
  • The Establishment – a multimedia site run and funded by women.
  • “F” bomb – a blog/community created by and for teen and college-aged women and men who care about their rights and want to be heard.
  • The “F” Word – a webzine for contemporary UK feminists.
  • Feministing – an online community run by and for young feminists.
  • Femsplain – inspiring discussion and connection through storytelling.
  • For Harriet – an online community for women of African ancestry. They encourage women, through storytelling and journalism, to engage in candid, revelatory dialogue about the beauty and complexity of Black womanhood.
  • Lachrista Greco – the Founder/CEO of Guerrilla Feminism’s website.
  • Native Appropriations – a forum for discussing representations of Native peoples, including stereotypes, cultural appropriation, news, activism, and more.
  • Radical Latina – a blog run by Amanda Alcantara: writer, poet, multimedia journalist, and activist currently living in New York.
  • Shakesville – a progressive feminist blog about politics, culture, social justice, cute things, and all that is in between.
  • Tits & Sass – a group blog run by sex workers who saw a void when it came to witty commentary on the public image of our industry.
  • Vivala –  the spot for a new generation of bold and savvy Latinas to connect and have their voices heard through video, photography, and culturally relevant conversations.
  • Women’s Media Center – strives to make women visible and powerful in the media.