Olive Grrrls: 
Italian North American Women & The Search For Identity

Click on the book to buy it for Kindle!

Click on the book to buy it for Kindle!

"Jersey Shore," "Mob Wives," "Brooklyn 11223," and "Mama’s Boys of the Bronx" are currently the only media representations of Italian Americans in our culture. If you’re Italian American you have very few positive images to identify with, and if you’re a woman, these positive images decrease exponentially. According to current media, all 20-something Italian American women are loud, brash, idiotic, overtly sexual, and materialistic. We resist these cultural depictions of our ethnicity and our gender. 

It’s time to take back our voice. 

"Olive Grrrls" is about Italian North American women and their search for identity. This anthology includes various women writing on culture/ethnicity, feminism, sexuality, body image, and activism.


Praise for Olive Grrrls

Kym Ragusa, Author: 

Olive Grrrls: Italian North American Women & The Search For Identity is a book I've been waiting for. It is a visionary call to reclaim all of who we are as Italian North American women, in all our complexity. I can't wait to pass it on to my own multiracial Italian North American daughter. She's the next generation of Olive Grrrl. 

Edvige Giunta, Author: 

Almost thirty years after Helen Barolini's, The Dream Book, here comes a much needed new anthology and the first of its kind. Here are the voices of a generation of young Italian American women--vibrant, brave, diverse. Brave!

Clovee, Amazon.com Reviewer:

Lachrista Greco and her co-authors really nailed it in this one. Well written, short enough that it doesn't get repetitive, but long enough to really cover a lot of issues that had me, my Ma, and my Zia's screaming approval all through family dinner. There is definitely something of a celebration in this book, a celebration of women using the strength taught to them as young Italianitas to transform into feminists, critically examining issues of race, gender, class and sexuality. It's a book about transformation and selfhood, a book that in the short time it has been out has provided me with a lot to think about, but more importantly, answers.