Feminist Mentoring/Coaching (without the bullshit)

Hi Rebels!

I am looking to create a program for feminist mentoring/coaching.

One side of this would be for people who ask me: "How do you create and maintain a social media presence in a patriarchal space?"

The other side would be for more personal reasons. If you are wanting to expand on your feminism, the role feminism takes in your life, etc, I can help! 

I'm still working on semi-finite program info for this. So, as I'm constructing it, I would LOVE your feedback and input!

Let me know what YOU would be interested in getting out of something like this. 

Sensational Sensation

My throat feels weird–what if I can’t swallow? What’s going on with my stomach? Am I hungry? Not hungry? What if I throw up? Ow, my back hurts–what is that from? Ugh, I feel super warm, is it warm in here or just me? Do I have a fever? I’m so tired… how am I gonna make it through this day? What if I pass out? My eyes feel so heavy. Is what I’m feeling “normal”?

Welcome to my normal. The above is just a small example of what I deal with on a daily basis. At 17, I was diagnosed with a General Anxiety Disorder, put on Zoloft, and started seeing a therapist. Eleven years later, and I’m better, I’ve made progress, but it’s a daily struggle.

A poem.

I wonder what it feels like
to not think you're constantly dying; 1 million tiny deaths a day.

I wonder what it feels like
to not fear your bodily sensations--
like each feeling is an intruder.

I wonder what it feels like
to not be afraid of your own heartbeat, 
(and if it might explode).

I wonder what it feels like
-to free the mind
-to unlock the gate
-to release the animal.

Do you wonder what it feels like
when you're afraid of yourself?

Playlist: "Everything's Fine"

Welcome to another "playlist" here on my beautiful blog. This particular one is something I put together for when I'm having major anxiety and need to remember that everything is fine

Here is my list; as always, share your favorite songs that help you feel like "everything's fine" in the comments!

Playlist for Radical Self-Love

Valentine's Day has come and gone, and though I am currently in a relationship, I think of Valentine's Day as any other day to show my loved ones I care (and this includes myself--self-love is important, ya'll!).

My good friend Kelly led a Radical Self-Love yoga workshop yesterday (sadly, I couldn't attend), and it inspired me to create my own "Radical Self-Love" playlist. So, without further ado, please enjoy these 10 songs that I listen to when I need a boost of self-love :)

Get off the internet (I'll meet you in the streets)

I've been thinking a lot about this, and it makes me angry. 

Within the realm of feminist activism (and feminist community), there is this cloud of judgment that hangs over those of us who activate our activism online. Even if we are demonstrating, flyering, etc on street level, our online activism is brushed aside--as if it doesn't even matter. It's not "good" enough.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014, dear readers (if anyone's out there...)!

via: http://valorouz.tumblr.com/

via: http://valorouz.tumblr.com/

I'm hoping to update this blog more frequently in the New Year. I'm also planning to get started on my second book, Guerrilla Feminism: Navigating Digital Activism

I vow to worry less and to live more fully. 

I will practice yoga wayyyyy more frequently because it feeds my mind, body, and spirit.

I will drink more herbal tea.

I will continue to love unabashedly even if it means getting my heart broken.

I will treat my body and mind with kindness, respect, and gratitude. 

I will love life even in the midst of temporary storms.

I will remain hopeful for good things.

Hope you all have a beautiful New Year's. Pull your life close up to your face, and kiss it hard <3

Joan of Arc

Today I got my fourth tattoo. It's an Angelique Houtkamp-inspired Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc (pre-color)

Joan of Arc (pre-color)

This was the best experience by far that I've had getting a tattoo. My first tattoo was done by a pretentious asshole who made me like a total idiot. Ok, so I fainted... so what?!

My second tattoo was done by a woman--after I had searched thoroughly for a woman tattoo artist (since I felt so uncomfortable with the man who did my first one). This tattoo went fine--I didn't pass out :)

For my third tattoo, I was living in Chicago and again sought out a woman tattoo artist (easier to find one in Chicago than Madison, of course). She was super nice, but I hate the shop--it gave me anxiety. Shitty thrasher music playing loudly in the background. I couldn't relax, but it went well at least.

This most recent tattoo was done at my boyfriend's studio. It's a perfect setting (doesn't feel like your typical tattoo parlor), and he's not your typical tattoo artist. Granted, I'm his girlfriend, so I knew I would feel extra comfortable, but even if I wasn't dating him, I still would feel at ease. He's so kind and comforting and respectful. If you're in the Madison area and are annoyed/uncomfortable with the local tattoo scene, please check out Andrew's place (Six Roses Tattoo).