...If so, I've got the perfect band for you. Supercute!, which is a too perfect name for the group, is made up of three young women (Rachel Trachtenburg, Julia Cumming, and newest member, Olivia Ferrer), from New York City. They write grrrl-pop songs about dreamsicles, hula-hoops, and haunted houses. I recently had the chance to interview them. We talked about their upcoming album, their thoughts on female musicians who only write songs about boys, and more!

1. How did the band form?

Supercute! was formed in 2009. We (Rachel and Julia) have known each other for a few years; June was Julia's friend from school. June left the band in 2010, Olivia joined in 2011.

2. How did you come up with your name?

After many trial and errors, we found the name, and loved it. It's perfect!

3. Did you plan on being a "girl band"? How does this label affect you? Or does it? Rachel wanted to have a girl band for many years. We are very inspired by the 60's girl group and lady's empowerment. Being a young woman artist in the music industry would generally make you a subject to ridicule, but it doesn't affect us.

4. Do you think of your music as feminist? Why or why not?

Our music is about empowering everyone, all ages and genders. Hopefully any women who do see the show can be inspired to follow their own artistic endeavors.

5. Tell me about your writing process. Do you write together, separately?

When June was in the band, we wrote some of the songs together. Most are written by us (Rachel and Julia). We find a topic we both find interesting and thought-provoking, and write about it!

6. What was the inspiration behind, "Not to Write About Boys"? Do you feel like it's feminist?

"Not to Write About Boys" could be considered a feminist song. We feel that it is too common for young female artists to write about "love." We find many aspects of life more inspiring to us at this time, and we wrote the song to express our opinion about it.

7. Do you like making music videos? Who's idea was it to make one for "Not to Write About Boys"?

We love making music videos! We just filmed a new one for our cover of "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones. All of us wanted to make a video for "Not to Write About Boys."

8. Last September, you toured Europe with Kate Nash. How did you all meet and decide to go on tour together?

Rachel has known Kate for a few years, they toured together a while back in Rachel's family band, the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. Kate saw us play an open mic in NYC when she was visiting, and loved us. Soon after that, we did our first American Tour!

9. Recently, you performed in the streets at SXSW. What motivated you to do that? What was the reaction you got?

In the SUPERCUTE! lifestlye, (hahaha!) we like to break the rules and play on the street. It's great practice and tons of fun. We had never been to SXSW before, and wanted to get the name out there! We made lots of new friends and some great connections.

10. What's next for you? A record? New Songs? We are officially finishing our album this summer in London with Kate, who is producing it. We are very, very excited to have our first album close to completion. As far as the long term, we are going to continue to play shows and build a local following! We love touring, and hope to do more in the future.